Concertation of real estate sales interviews

Concertation of real estate sales interviews

1 The agreement and confirmation of real estate sales interviews

We have previously indicated that three stages can be distinguished in real estate sales. For the first, which belongs to the world of marketing, the agency gets prospects. In the second, we develop the relationship with potential clients until they either become real clients or disappear from the scope of the agency; This is the stage we call personal selling. The third would deal with the treatment of customers throughout their subsequent relationship with us.

Concertation of real estate sales interviews

Stages of the real estate sale

Between the first two stages, however, there is an aspect that will appear more often, of the second stage - which we must examine before entering the sales interviews. The idea is that between the last non-personal contact of the prospectus with the agency and the first sales interview - the first personal contact - there is a small subprocess that must be carried out efficiently and effectively.

Be the first -or later, from the interviews until the end- an appointment for a sales interview must first be arranged and then confirmed.

The main objective of the approach or attraction techniques The purpose of clients is to achieve personal interviews between the prospectus contacted and our salespeople. All our localization, attraction, filtering and contact efforts are justified by the number of personal interviews we managed to establish through them.

We will try to contact the accessible prospects to arrange a sales interview with them. That first contact may or may not lead to it. If we achieve it, we will agree on it in the way we are going to indicate. And if not, either the track will remain in our system until its maturity and new attempt of appointment or it will go to the file of failures.

Concertation of real estate sales interviews

Personal contact background

2 The real estate interviewing agreement

By agreement of a sales interview we call the agreement that is established between interested and commercial prospectus in order to hold a next meeting between them, which will discuss the purchasing interest of the prospect.

At that moment of the agreement, the requirements of the meeting - times, places, purposes, modes - as well as the basic contact details will be specified.Generally, by phone or mobile message. And at this point we can:

  1. a) Confirm the appointment and therefore go to it later.
  2. b) Cancel it and arrange a new appointment, if the explanations of the prospect He arranged it and now he tells us that he can not, they are credible. And ...
  3. c) Forget contact if the excuse is incredible. (1)

4 Interview and sales interviews

In real estate sales, sales rarely occur in the first interview We celebrate with the customer - as it almost always happens on the contrary, in small sales where we only need an interview to close or fail in the sale. But in our type of sale we need more, that's why this issue of arranging and confirming appointments occurs not only at the first interview but in any of the necessary ones.

And this, as we will see soon, takes us to have to distinguish between two types of sales interviews, the last one, the closing one and all previous ones.

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(1) As it is sometimes difficult to verify if we are facing an excuse or an impossibility, another option is to also arrange in this case, the interview for a previous date. And if it happens once or twice more, the commercial should give up.