Interviews and personal sales

Interviews and personal sales

1 End of the real estate sale according to the type of interview

It is difficult for a sale of high price and risk such as real estate to be completed in one single session or interview. More often than not, our sales work is carried out through a series of meetings in which the salesperson applies the sales method in order to close the transaction. See the following diagram:

Interviews and personal sales

Interviews in the personal sale

So the scope of the personal sale goes from the first personal contact until the closing ... and beyond, until the end of the formalization of the sale, if the result of the same is positive. This is the best possible way.

But two other options can be found at the end of this process:

  1. a) The client rejects the offer of sale that we have given him presented -follows closure- and we can continue presenting you other properties. Starting a new sales cycle.
  2. b) The customer rejects the submitted offer - be it the first or other successive ones - and we can not continue presenting any other offer.

2 Interviews in the real estate sale

However, for the purpose of closing the interview we can distinguish between the final interview in which the closure attempt occurs and all the previous ones that have been necessary to get here. See the following schema:

Interviews and personal sales

Interviews and personal sales 2

The first ones we'll call intermediate sales interviews and the last one, closing interview.

See another way of presenting these two kinds of interviews.

Interviews and personal sales

Interviews and personal sales 3

The interest of this question lies in the different closure that both types of interviews need. And while the purpose of the latter is clear: close the sale -get the commitment of the client, the yes buy -, the ultimate goal of the rest -of all the previous ones, including the first- is another : close-finish, end-the interview so that the continuity of the sales talk is guaranteed despite the times that will pass between the different interviews that will be held until reaching the closing.

This issue had not been carefully considered until the work of Neil Rackham, Spin Selling. But from this we know something that, although it could be suspected, since the publication of that text we know that the two statements that we will present, here briefly and in more detail in a later article, are supported by evidence and statistical test.

And these are: Intermediate interviews should be closed so that the effective continuity of the next sales conversation is assured.All our interactions or Contacts, personal and non-personal, subsequent, should also close with an advance, this time, towards the proper functioning of the relationship ... with customers already.

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