Protect your business: 7 Tips to avoid a cyber attack

Protect your business: 7 Tips to avoid a cyber attack

Currently, all companies depend on technology and both business and personal information may be exposed to cyber attacks. It is very complex to protect computers 100%, but there are some formulas to prevent them with high percentage of success.

Here are some tips:

Protect computers.

  • Update : Any electronic device must be properly updated. By updating the software, manufacturers solve incidents and vulnerabilities.
  • Antivirus and firewalls : The installation of both is essential, since they detect and stop any threat.
  • Passwords : By creating structures and passwords for the users of the network, the files will be much more protected. Passwords should not be obvious and it is recommended to combine numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols.

Make backup copies.

Performing backups periodically will always keep the most important information and it will be possible to recover it. These copies should not be on the same device, network or server.

Secure web browsing.

The web browser must also be updated and, if possible, it is better to use more secure virtual private networks (VPN). When browsing and buying online, HTTPS protocols must be chosen to provide greater protection of the data because they are transmitted encrypted.

Monitor strange email

You should be wary of messages and attachments from unknown addresses or those that do not relate to the person sending the message, in addition to applying anti-spam filters and email authentication.

Beware of downloads

Always check that the website from which the download is legal and unsuspicious. The downloaded files are one of the main ways to try to infect a computer system.

Avoid giving personal or company data ​​strong>

Do not share on social networks or web pages that do not trust private data that can be filtered, either from the company itself, from customers or from employees. You always have to know with whom the most relevant information is shared.


All those who have access to agency equipment should be aware of these dangers of cybercrime .