Soften the buying and selling process: a Greater function of the intermediary

Soften the buying and selling process: a Greater function of the intermediary

a) Soften the relationship between the parties.

It may be one of the most important values ​​of our intervention, because if it is not carried out the sale, all the work will be lost. And sometimes that does not occur because of lack of tact or skill in the commercial relationships of the real estate agent.

Many times you negotiate better with an operation consultant than without him. The intermediary knows the negotiating spaces of each party, knows, having spoken separately with the parties, which points are considered critical and which are not for each one of them. It may suggest to some party that it reconsider some unimportant aspect to gain in another, etc. See in this aspect the example narrated in the first postcard of this series: The Critic to the intermediary .

But unfortunately, sometimes the operation already started it twists even when the parties could have reached an agreement. They change their mind during the formalization process -one of the parties, or in the most serious case, both-, and this change leads to strong discussions with the other signatory of the deal ... and with the intermediary agent. In those moments the role of the agent as facilitator of the operation is fundamental.

See this real example that happened to us once.


During the transaction of a VPO villa in an area of ​​scarce supply of this type of product and strong demand for it , we managed to establish a private contract of sale between the parties, which included specific deadlines to make certain arrangements. Subsequently, we believe that both the seller and the buyer found more attractive alternatives to the operation and both decided to change their treatment so that the other was guilty of the rupture.

It can easily be guessed the "anger" that it occurred ... and the attempts to throw us intermediaries blame for the break based on the breach of those deadlines. On the other hand, the enemy competition tried to embarrass the operation by presenting the buyer with some other offer, as well as the seller, other possible buyers.

The direct intervention of the agent -which until then had not done so- resulted decisive. With a high degree of skill and patience he was able to accommodate the opinions of the parties and the operation was made. However, the operative efficiency of the agent could not counteract the bad taste of the firm ... and that never, neither of the parties would return.

This is a case in which we won the operation but lost the clients ... even though the "guilt" of their confrontation was not ours.

I say goodbye. Follow with Health!

Miguel Villarroya Martín /February 5, 2016/Madrid. Spain/PrP.006/


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