The best process to rebut Others charge me less

The best process to rebut Others charge me less

The best process ... In the previous postcard we said that there were two generic ways to overcome the objection Others charge me less . The first was to have a system for selling our recruitment services, superior to that of the competition; and the second, to introduce into the communication process, a difference not strictly real estate, that would achieve our positive differentiation in the mind of the owner.

Let's see here the first one:

The best process to rebut Others charge me less

1 The best process to rebut Others charge me less .

In this situation we won the contract, despite our higher price, because the potential client perceives that our real estate procedures are different - and better for him - than the rest of cheaper competitors. Note that this positive perception towards us must be induced by the commercial and awakened in the mind of the owner.

And for this the commercial will introduce in the catchment talk all that we have said up to here, and other things that we will see later. And we summarize here:

  • Bringing this idea to the surface: the undifferentiated takes us out of the operation.
  • Creating the difference with the help of the reasoning and expressive forms collected in the Toolbox (Argumentary).
  • Choosing the best time for your answer. -momento/
  • Following the first, the second -or both- existing paths.
  • Choosing the response rate efficiently and effectively. (We'll see it in another postcard.)
  • Accepting that we will not always win ... But that this implies that we always -we win or lose the commission of recruitment- we will know why we have not achieved it . (We will see it in another postcard.)
2 The first way: the improvement of the process of Real Estate Collection

The improvement of this process should be oriented towards two goals:

a) The first is obvious, the process that we use must be very good.

b) The process, however, should be appreciated By the owner as better than the Competition.

2.1 The best process

We will almost never be able to evaluate two different real estate processes, nor is there much published information that can be used as a reference, so this road of external comparison leads us to nothing. But a certain process of recruitment, of a concrete real estate, can be compared with itself at different times. And from the comparison can be deduced if there have been improvements between the moments of comparison.

For this we must design an experiment that offers the answer we are looking for: Is our process today better than yesterday ... or not? It escapes the limits of this work but the reader will already understand that, at least (5):

a) It will be necessary to trace the process that we are currently executing for each of the services that we provide in the agency. That is, define what we do, how we do it, what dependencies each thing has, how we give answers to each one, which actors execute each part,)

b) It will be necessary to gather the documentation of each stage.

c) It will be necessary to make the whole process measurable, establishing the controls of each phase.

AND d) Measure its results.

And if this is done periodically , at each moment of control -for example, every six months-, we can interpret the differences observed and establish the corrective or empowering measures suggested by the data collected.

This first path is therefore the improvement of the Collection process in itself.Also the use of external sources of training in Capture Techniques will help. But ...

2.2 The best process may not be enough.

Because what is definitive is not what we do and say, but what the Other - the owner - perceives what we do and say.

So in this part we will have to:

a) Pay extreme attention to the communication process n with the potential client, for:

  • Do not say more than enough.
  • Say strictly what is necessary.
  • Do not say anything that is not true.
  • Insist on what the other wants to hear. (7)

b) Transmit comfort and confidence to the Other :

  • Actively listen.
  • Communicate empathically and, if you can, sympathetically.

AND c) Build the difference of our offer, with the help of what has already been said.

We remind the reader that if the client does not perceive our offer of deposits as different and better than those of the Competition, our higher intermediation price will weigh against us and we will lose the sales order.

So you know, if you work in the form of Note of Order , build your difference (8) against others, is your most important task -manent.

Stay healthy!

Miguel Villarroya Martín , May 4, 2016/Madrid. Spain/Obj.036/


(1), (2), (3), (4) See the postcards reviewed.

(5) The reader can get an idea of ​​what a process map means by looking at the page of The Quality Portal, the article entitled: How to make a process map, by Jorge Pereiro,

(6) In another postcard we suggest that the emigration of the Rackham SPIN method, born in the area of ​​Big Sales - high price and risk sales - is the road to follow, also, in the Collection of Real Estate. At the end of the day, this is only a case of real estate sales, when instead of selling real estate we sell our real estate sales services.

(7) The System of Questions , that at the beginning of the contact with the client the commercial has to use. We will talk about this in future postcards, but the idea that we can advance is that the purpose with which it is intended, is to know what exactly matters the owner, to guide our conversation down that channel.

(8) I remind you again of the necessary reading of the book Differentiate or die . 2nd Edition 2009. Ediciones Pirámide, by Trout/Rivkin/Peralta.

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